Lucie's Bio 

Founder & CEO of Photogenic Group, 

Founder of Miss Photogenic® & Mr Photogenic®

Miss Photogenic® was created by young British Entrepreneur, Lucie Brassington® Gollop in 2009 at the age of 22 where it started life on the glamorous catwalk.  Having a love for the arts, Lucie trained as a designer at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea London. Taking her love for all things glam, coupled with her vision of a more digitalised, online world encompassing the fashion/beauty industry in the future, Lucie decided to create Miss Photogenic into a lifestyle brand. It's uniquely powerful identity, which has an ability to resonate with the online aspirations of modern day consumers like no other, sees the brand become a leader of the digital age.  Plans all set for Miss Photogenic®, In 2011 Mr Photogenic® was created, the male lifestyle brand.  The vision was to encompass all into the Photogenic Identity... where everyone, regardless of body type, race or gender can officially #JoinTheSet. In 2020 Photogenic Group was formed. 

Lucie has also studied a degree LLB (Hons) in Law and is highly experienced in the area of branding, brand creation, Intellectual Property and global brand strategy. 

Other Interesting Facts about Lucie:

Lucie is a Harpist, Pianist and classically trained singer and she loves to paint when she has the time! A love of cars is also on her list and she has a natural adoration of cats (like her sister!)