Victoria's Bio

Co. CEO of Photogenic Group 

Victoria officially joined Miss Photogenic at executive level when she turned 21 in 2013.  Having studied Business Management and Marketing, Victoria now takes on a strategic development role within Photogenic Group and the brands respectively.


Possessing a natural love of fashion and all things beauty, Victoria takes the lead regarding brand product research and marketing implimentation. Notwithstanding her talents in these areas, it s her design skills that are responsible for the creation of the brand's iconic lingerie piece, Truly Miss Photogenic which sits at the heart of the Gold Collection.   Victoria takes as very active role in fashion design and has a naturally creative eye.  Notwithstanding her attention to detail  in all things, Victoria is an accomplished photographer and has a very keen eye on a photoshoot.  Her skills and knowledge in this area are invaluable to the Group. 

What Are Your Interests:

Victoria loves travel and can't get enough #Waunderust in her life! Apart from being a big fashion and beauty fan, Vic also is a huge cat lover!